Give Hitchhiker a Lift!

A scarred face, a bent ear, scruffy fur – and a huge heart. That’s Hitchhiker. He’s also a cat who is FIV-positive, which means a compromised immune system, so he needs help to get back to full health and find his forever home.

“He’s a hitchhiker – just passing through,” or so the farmer thought when the cat showed up at her farm. He seemed very rough, maybe feral. He didn’t meow for food – he roared. So Cathy fed him, and within days – in spite of his intimidating roar – he had won her heart. She offered him a place on her farm, and had him neutered – but her resident cats vetoed that plan. 

That’s when Cathy called us. 

Now in a 9 Lives foster home, Hitchhiker has started to reveal his true colors. He was outgoing from the first. Even in a new place, in pain, worried about what these new humans might do to him – he still turned to them for help. Within hours Hitch was asking for head rubs. Coming from a hard life in survival mode, he turned out to be incredibly forgiving, with lots of love in his heart.

But Hitch needed several teeth extracted, treatments for his infected ears, and the rough skin issue turned out to be ringworm, a fungal infection. The good news? Hitch is one tough guy! His foster is administering meds and he has already started to improve.