Monetary Donations

Your donation to 9 Lives Rescue Inc goes directly to support the cats, 93% to medical care, both routine and emergency. With your donations, we purchase much needed supplies and get our animals the medical care that they need. We are all volunteers, and we rely on donations from people like you to save more cats.

Donations can be made using the Donate button below, or by check and paid directly to 9 Lives Rescue, PO Box 620172, Middleton, WI. 53562.

Any level of support can make a real difference in the life of a cat. Here are some suggestions and what each amount could cover:

➔ $30: Test for Giardia, a common parasite that can be life-threatening
➔ $65: Physical exam to explore a health issue
➔ $155: Emergency room exam when a cat needs it most
➔ $400–800: Dental surgery to relieve a cat’s painful mouth
➔ $300–3,000: Emergency visit to save a cat’s life

The Felix Fund: Help a Farmer • Help a Cat

The Felix Fund’s pilot program saved these kittens left at one farm. These three were spayed/neutered and adopted to furever homes!

The Felix Fund is a program started by 9 Lives Rescue in 2022 to help address the issue of cats dumped in the country. This is a humane issue for the dumped cats who are not well-equipped to suddenly survive on their own as well as a financial burden for the nearest farmer who ends up feeding multiple cats that other people have released there. Often the cats are not spayed or neutered, resulting in a population explosion in a very short time.

Money raised for The Felix Fund will allow 9 Lives Rescue to help control cat overpopulation one farm at a time, helping the farmer and the cats. All reproductively active cats will be fixed and vaccinated, treated for existing health issues, placed in foster homes if they are adoptable and space is available, and placed in permanent homes.

Please join us to Help a Farmer • Help a Cat. To donate, visit our GoFundMe page created specifically for The Felix Fund. You can also send a donation using the tools above and mention that it’s for The Felix Fund.

Please note: The Felix Fund is a pilot project involving one farm only. We will only be able to expand and help other farms when we accumulate more donations. By sharing the link to this page and urging your friends to support the growth of The Felix Fund, we will succeed in satisfying the needs of farmers and rescuing abandoned cats!

Thank you!

Wish List Donations

Local Pet Stores • Amazon • Chewy

Wish list donations go directly to supporting our fosters and allow them to continue to support our organization and to help save lives! Please consider making a donation by shopping locally at Tabby & Jack’s and leaving donations with the cashier, by purchasing items from our Amazon wish list or by purchasing items from our Chewy wish list. Please mark it as gift and include your full name so we know whom to thank!