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9 Lives Adoption Policies
Adoption Fees
What Adoption Fees Cover

9 Lives Adoption Policies

9 Lives is committed to giving our rescued cats the best lives possible. To adopt a cat, you must submit an application, and references. Your app will be read, and your references called.

We do not discriminate based ethnicity or religion or politics or sexual orientation – but we do discriminate based on other criteria such as a history of abuse of humans or animals, illegal substance abuse, or inability to provide a safe and loving home for a cat.

Adoption Fees

Adoption CategoryAdoption Fee
Kittens (under 1 year)$150–$250
Pair of kittens$25 discount
Adult cat 1–7 years$100–$200
Adult cat 8+ years$75–$125
Specialty breeds$200–$450
Special needsCustom

What Adoption Fees Cover

On average, a rescue loses money with every cat they take in. In a perfect world, adoption fees would cover the cost of preparing the cats for adoption. If the care needed was routine, it might. However, because most of the cats that we bring in are in some physical distress, these cats’ care is rarely routine. Additional treatments, amputations or dentals are common, and can wipe out dozens of adoption fees.

If you’d like to contribute to help us cover costs not covered by our adoption fees, we’d be grateful. Any level of support can make a real difference in the life of a cat. Here are some suggestions and what each amount would cover:

➔ $30: Test for Giardia, a common parasite that can be life-threatening
➔ $65: Physical exam to explore a health issue
➔ $155: Emergency room exam when a cat needs it most
➔ $400–800: Dental surgery to relieve a cat’s painful mouth
➔ $300–3,000: Emergency visit to save a cat’s life

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What you get with your cat or kitten

All cats and kittens from 9 Lives Rescue will have been vet-checked, neutered or spayed, treated for parasites, up to date on vaccinations appropriate to age, tested for FeLV (Feline Leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), and microchipped.