About Us

9 Lives Rescue Inc is an all-volunteer, foster-based, nonprofit cat rescue serving South Central Wisconsin.

Our rescue was founded by Janell Moody in 2016, and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit a few years later. Since then, 9 Lives has adopted out hundreds of cats and kittens per year to wonderful individuals and families.

The mission of 9 Lives Rescue Inc is to identify cats that are homeless, unwanted, abused, or otherwise in need of aid, and to bring those cats to safety; to provide the best individualized outcomes for the cats in our care, ideally finding appropriate, loving, permanent homes for them, thereby enriching the lives of both people and cats through personalized adoptions.

We are based in Middleton, Wisconsin, and our area of focus is local cats in need. There are countless cats in Madison and Dane County that are unwanted where they are – and yet there are many people in the area who are looking to adopt a lifetime feline friend. We do our best to bring cats out of danger, bring them to full health, and then connect them with adopters.

Our organization is foster based, which means that the cats we rescue are placed with individuals and families who volunteer to care for them until they are adopted to permanent homes. We don’t have a building or central location. We believe cats are better off in a home environment whenever possible, and not confined in enclosures. Our foster homes are distributed around Madison and in surrounding communities.

We depend on volunteers to foster cats, and also to accomplish all other aspect of our program; we have no paid staff. We have teams for every job, from coordinating adoptions to marketing on social media.

If you are interested in volunteering, please read our Volunteer page for more info, and fill out the volunteer application here. If you’re specifically interested in fostering kitties, you can find info on the Become a Foster page, and fill out the foster application here.

Thank you to the donors, foster homes, volunteers, and sponsors who continue to make this work possible.

Connecting cats and people is one of the wonderful aspects of what we do. We often receive updates from our adopters after their kitties have settled in, and it always makes us happy – especially the former fosters – to hear of our rescued kitties enjoying their happily-ever-after lives, and bringing such joy to their humans!

Speaking of joy, that word is mentioned by adopters so many times! “Joy” is how people describe what their cats gave them every day. That’s the amazing thing about all the animals we bring into our lives, and make room for in our hearts. They bring us joy.

—Anna Goebel, President