Meet Apple Pie and Sundae, 2 kittens who beat the odds! They were born with a serious skeletal defect, and the vets gave them just months to live. But 9 Lives Rescue gave them a chance. We brought them to a foster who would care for them and give them the best possible last months of life. 

Apple Pie and Sundae took the chance 9 Lives gave them, and ran with it. They grew, and they improved. Today – at five 1/2 months – they have outlived all the predictions, and are happy, fun-loving kittens. The vets say they are well enough, so they’ve been listed for adoption!

Kittens like Apple Pie and Sundae are the reason we’re asking you to give, especially today, when your donation will be matched and go twice as far. Every year there are special cases like these guys, who need extra funds just to have a chance. Please give, so that when cats like these come, we can say yes. We can give them a chance, even when the odds are against them, to live and thrive.