Tashi’s Wish

Meet Tashi: One Tiny Kitten, One Big Wish

Dear Friends,

I adopted a cat from 9 Lives Rescue this year who brings me joy every single day. I’d like to share his story with you, and invite you to join me in saving more cats like him.

In April, a two-week-old kitten was found alone on a farm, no mother in sight. Details are scant, but it was suspected that she’d been shot. Fortunately, the kitten wasn’t taken to the local animal shelter, which has a reputation for euthanizing unweaned kittens. Instead, this vulnerable little guy found his way to the safety of 9 Lives Rescue.

The 9 Lives foster family bottle-fed the black fluff ball every few hours, even through the night. The daughter named him “Wish.” They treated his ringworm, made sure he had basic medical care, and, when he was ready for adoption, transported him to nine — yes, 9! — adoption fairs.

My husband, Ben, and I were lucky to meet Wish at his tenth adoption fair. We paid the modest adoption fee of $150, which we learned covered his basic medical expenses, like vaccinations and neuter surgery. We realized, though, that caring for our new kitten — now named “Tashi” — had cost far more than that. The foster family had given their time, money (gas!), and much more.

We then thought about other 9 Lives cats who need extra medical care — everything from treatment of a common cold to dental surgery that relieves severe pain. How is that paid for? Veterinary costs are high, and yet 9 Lives adoption fees never reflect it. 

The beauty of 9 Lives Rescue is that it’s a network of dedicated volunteers who care for cats in their own homes. There’s no overhead, like a building to rent, staff to pay, or vehicles to maintain. Donations to 9 Lives go directly towards the medical care of these vulnerable cats, cats like Tashi who might not otherwise have a chance.

Please join Ben and me in making a year-end donation to 9 Lives Rescue. Any level of support makes a real difference in the life of a cat:

  • $30: Test for Giardia, a life-threatening parasite
  • $65: Physical exam to explore a health issue
  • $155: Emergency room exam when a cat needs it most
  • $400 – 800: Dental surgery to relieve a cat’s painful mouth
  • $300 – 3,000: Emergency visit to save a cat’s life

Donate today!

9 Lives Rescue saved over 600 cats in 2022. Let’s make more wishes come true in 2023! 

Donations can be made using the Donate button below, or by check and paid directly to 9 Lives Rescue, 7200 Spring Hill Dr, Middleton, WI. 53562.

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Thank you for being a part of 9 Lives Rescue!

Kim Krouth
Adopter and volunteer

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