Foster FAQs

What is it like to foster for 9 Lives Rescue? Would you qualify to foster for 9 Lives? Below are the answers to questions we are often asked.

What kind of space do I need foster cats?

You need a space that is dedicated to your foster cats. It does not have to be a huge space, but the cat should be able to move around and get exercise appropriate to the cat’s individual needs. Our goal is for our foster cats to enjoy life in a home environment, not a caged existence.

Do I have to provide food?

9 Lives Rescue has food donations that we provide to our fosters. Many fosters choose to supplement that with food that they purchase themselves.

What other supplies does 9 Lives provide?

9 Lives receives many donated items that we make available to our fosters, from litter boxes and cat carriers to treats and toys. These items vary according to what has been donated, so be sure to ask if there is something you’d like for your foster kitties!

9 Lives provides all approved vet expenses for the cats in our care. This includes spaying/neutering, vaccinations, testing, medications, microchipping, and emergency care.

What does it mean to have a “safe place” for your foster kitties?

Every cat deserves to have a place were he or she can feel safe. This can be as simple as a box or a carrier, or as fancy as a purchased cat cave. It might just be a place up high, like the top of a cat tree, or a shelf. Ideally your space will offer options your cat can choose from, because only the cat knows where they feel safest.

Avoid your cat when they are in their safe space.

How can you bear to give up your foster cats? Don’t you want to keep them all?

Yes. Of course you do! Cats are so amazing they go straight to your heart so fast! But “goodbye is always the goal.” You have the opportunity to release the kitty you love to another loving home. You are able to pass on the best gift you possibly can give. Then open your heart to the next one. Fostering saves lives. Adopting out your foster cats and taking in new foster cats means saving more lives.