Become a Foster

Fostering cats and kittens can be one of the most rewarding ways to make the world a better place! Cats and kittens come to 9 Lives Rescue often because their situation is desperate. If you decide to become a foster home for cats or kittens in need, you are saving lives.

What you need:

  • an area that is suitable for the cat(s) you are going to care for. It needs to be big enough for the cat to get exercise appropriate to its situation.
  • a litter box, and food and water dishes. 9 Lives can provide you with those items.
  • food. 9 Lives has food donations that are available to our fosters.
  • a safe place. Every cat needs a small place where they can go and feel safe.
  • a place to scratch, like a horizontal scratch pad or a vertical post.
  • enrichment and stimulation in the form of toys, games, climbing areas, etc.
  • loving care and attention!

For more information, please visit our Foster FAQs page.

9 Lives Rescue Inc is a foster based organization. That means we rely on our network of foster homes to help us care for and socialize our cats until they are adopted. We are always looking to expand our network of foster homes.