January and February 9 Lives Adoptions

We are so happy to report that eleven 9 Lives kitties found their forever homes in January this year, and fourteen in February! 🐈Here’s the roster of kitties who are bringing joy to their new people – with cat name (foster, adopter):

Bismark (Holly, Wolfgang)
Mr. Tulip Toes (Cayla, Barb)
Orion (Lisa, Gwyneth)
Dandelion and Frisky (Katelyn, Jenna)
Bean and Sneaky (Katelyn, Michelle)
Trixie and Bea (Kelli, Katherine)
Elli (Leya, Michelle)
Wuya (Lynda, Victoria)
Carrie Ann (Melissa and Jackson, Haily)
Moon (Lisa, Nina)
Twix (Lisa, Nick)
Gelato (Lisa, Adam)
Derek Fruit Salad (Lisa, Becky)Binx (Betty Jean, Ellie)
Kiss and Grady (Melissa and Jackson, Ezra)Bandit and Quicksilver (Lisa, Daniel)
Lyra and Luna, Jane (their foster)
Rosie and Fred, Catherine, David

Please join us in wishing all these kitties and their new people the very best lives together! ❤

We like each cat to have a unique name, and we have adopted out over 3,000(!) cats, so we have to be creative and imaginative!

(=• _ •=)