Apple Pie and Sundae Beat the Odds!

Apple Pie and Sundae have beaten the odds! Vets at the UW Vet School today officially declared the adorable Apple Pie and Sundae to be adoption-worthy, and likely to lead long lives. Woohoo! For a couple of kittens who were given just three months to live—this is amazing news! 

Because of 9 Lives Rescue – and because of YOU – these kittens are now four months old, no longer on hospice care, and THRIVING! Did I mention adorable?!

The “Dessert Kittens” were born in the care of 9 Lives, who rescued their mom. It was discovered that they had birth defects, including club feet and a flattened chest cavity. “Pectus Excavatum” was life-threatening, and we made plans for surgery. Sadly, after we had raised funds for surgery, the vets recommended that we not pursue it after all, and we sadly moved them to a different foster for hospice care as we expected them to get gradually worse. For the story up to that point, please read their GoFundMe page.

But they got better! They played like crazy things, ran with the other kitties, learned to climb. They were clearly not shaped right, and their breathing looked bizarre when they exerted themselves. But their club feet disappeared, their muscles worked, and they were kittens with every fiber of their being! They ate; they grew. They were joyful.

After a few weeks, we allowed ourselves to hope – and today we had our hopes confirmed. Their skeletal structure was significantly improved. The UW Vets – who remembered them from when they were tiny! – said there was no reason they shouldn’t lead long, happy lives!

Apple Pie and Sundae will be listed for adoption. As our very popular ambassadors, they are likely to get quite a few applications. If you are interested in possibly adopting them, we recommend that you apply today. They will be neutered/spayed on January 2, after which they will be listed together as bonded siblings. We will choose the best fit from among the applicants.  

Apply and view adoptable cats here.

Visit the GoFundMe for the Dessert Kittens to get their full story here.

Enjoy their photo gallery below!