Adoption Fair! Saturday, July 13 at MadCat West

Join us this Saturday for an adoption fair at MadCat, 7820 Mineral Point Road in Madison from 11-2.

The fair will be full of young, loving, playful little kittens. You can meet the the metal litter: Copper, Ruthenium, Palladium, along with their new friend from the coffee litter, Frappe, and the Dungeons and Dragons dieties: Tiamat, Bahamut, Talos, and Umberlee!

Apply to adopt today so you can bring them home Saturday! Click on the Adopt tab above for more information.

Adoption Fair, Saturday June 29 – Earthwise Pet

Join us at this Saturday for an adoption fair at Earthwise Pet, 3260 University Avenue in Madison!

Among the cats and kittens at the fair will be Tungsten, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, and Ruthenium! This precious litter of metal kitties are outgoing, playful, cuddly, and ready to find their forever homes!

Apply to adopt today so you can bring them home Saturday! Click on the Adopt tab above for more information.

Adoption Fair, Saturday June 22 – Tabby & Jack’s Verona

JOIN US at in Verona on Saturday for our Adoption Fair! We will have kittens and adult cats, including at least a couple of kittens not yet listed on the web site. If you have an approved application, you can take your new friend(s) home with you! 11am to 2 pm, 301 W Verona Avenue in Verona. To find out if a particular cat or kitten will be at the fair or see who is currently listed for adoption, check the “Adopt” tab above. Feel free to send us an email with questions!


Georgie Surgery Update!

Georgie had his life-saving amputation and is now recovering in his foster home! He is in high spirits, and quickly learning how to run, play, and eat on three legs.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. We have been hit by considerably more emergency vet bills this year than we had budgeted for, and without the support of our community we could not save cats like Georgie!

If you can, please donate to help us pay off the rest of his bills so we can say YES to the next cat in need!

Please Help Georgie the Injured Kitten!

Georgie, a small 5 week old orange kitten, with a mangled front left arm.

5 week old Georgie was happily playing and exploring when he got his arm stuck and, in his attempt to get free, hurt himself very badly. He was found Saturday morning with multiple fractures and open wounds. The emergency vet has a plan to hospitalize Georgie and amputate the limb to avoid infection and save his life. Once recovered, he will live a perfectly happy and healthy life, however, we need your help to get him through his hospital stay and surgery.

Help us get Georgie through his surgery so that he can find his forever home!

Click here to learn Georgie’s story, and donate to Georgie’s surgery fund. Thank you!

Give Hitchhiker a Lift!

A scarred face, a bent ear, scruffy fur – and a huge heart. That’s Hitchhiker. He’s also a cat who is FIV-positive, which means a compromised immune system, so he needs help to get back to full health and find his forever home.

“He’s a hitchhiker – just passing through,” or so the farmer thought when the cat showed up at her farm. He seemed very rough, maybe feral. He didn’t meow for food – he roared. So Cathy fed him, and within days – in spite of his intimidating roar – he had won her heart. She offered him a place on her farm, and had him neutered – but her resident cats vetoed that plan. 

That’s when Cathy called us. 

Now in a 9 Lives foster home, Hitchhiker has started to reveal his true colors. He was outgoing from the first. Even in a new place, in pain, worried about what these new humans might do to him – he still turned to them for help. Within hours Hitch was asking for head rubs. Coming from a hard life in survival mode, he turned out to be incredibly forgiving, with lots of love in his heart.

But Hitch needed several teeth extracted, treatments for his infected ears, and the rough skin issue turned out to be ringworm, a fungal infection. The good news? Hitch is one tough guy! His foster is administering meds and he has already started to improve.